Get the data you need to close DEALS faster.

connect with the right decision makers by using the largest and most accurate database of prospects.

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selme helps marketers and salespeople find, monitor and understand data

Find prospects

Finding prospect is'nt easy, use selme to identify potential customers for your business or services and build a complete lead generation strategy.

Conduct market research

Productivity is all that matters.identify Companies by industries or categories . selme makes it more faster and easier.

connect with decision makers

Time is precious when it comes to sales. use selme to Find decision makers emails by title. for example CEO, CTO, CMO and more


Search and discover companies that match the right target criteria. with selme, you can quickly find the best prospects quicker than your competitors.

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Close more deals

Close more deals by tracking buying signals or trigger events in the market so you can reach out to prospects at the right moment.

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Export Selme Data To Spreadsheets

Import Selme data directly into Google SpreedSheets to add company name, location, Decision maker, Number of employees, Revenue,company description and more.

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Developed for salespeople